Tony Ramos
President & Issuer's Representative
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Tony’s Thursday Blockchain Note

The blockchain companies proceed to add Bitcoin corporate wallets and issue two-key certificates. Significant discounts will be offered for all sales. All sales collateralized with common shares in the company, and qualified under Regulation A by the SEC. #urbroadband  

Cryptocurrency update / rural broadband

The companies continue to register with various cryptocurrencies, and await verification on registration for Ripple. #urbroadband    

Rural Broadband / cryptocurrency update

The companies continue with their registrations with cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. #urbroadband  

Rural Broadband / cryptocurrency update

The companies continue with their outreach to the cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. #urbroadband Closed Monday for the legal holiday.  

Rural Broadband / Monday Cryptocurrency sales sheet / Ripple (XRP) / January 8, 2018

Now selling Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency on hot wallet. Cold wallet two-key sales also available now.#urbroadband

Tony’s Bitcoin update

We add certain advertising outlets, including r/Reddit to our daily marketing blogs. #urbroadband  

Tony’s Thursday Bitcoin Note / Bitcoin ‘hot’ & ‘cold’ wallets

We ¬†announce the current hot and cold wallets for sales of bitcoin: A . hot wallets: 1 . 2 . We will be adding more hot wallets soon, and will announce these. B . cold wallets: 1 . Two-key secure paper/pdf. certificates not transacted. Investors wishing to ‘hold’ our bitcoin are encouraged […]

Rural Broadband / Monday BITCOIN sales sheet / January 2, 2018

5% purchase discount at time of purchase. Sales of $100,000.00 or more. Discount calculated after deposit into company wallet at either or Net cash proceeds of 5% held after coinbase issues coin, and then additional 5% of coin issued by coinbase after net proceeds.  

Tony’s Thursday Quick Note / Bitcoin for Rural Broadband / year end wrap

The rural broadband Bitcoin companies now proceed with their year end wrap up tasks. The companies will continue orientation, sales and marketing tasks on January 2, 2018. Happy New Year.  

Bitcoin for Rural Broadband / sales update

The FLR and WGR subsidiaries now proceed with marketing of their SEC-qualified Bitcoin offerings.