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Tony’s Thursday Quick Note / Reg. A+ / rural broadband / underwriters

The companies provided their Thursday Quick Note to the third-party sellers, concerning the rules for underwriters as found at: 17 CFR Parts 200, 230, 232, 239, 240, 249, and 260 / Amendments for Small and Additional Issues Exemptions under the Securities Act (Regulation A). #urbroadband  

Reg. A+ update

The companies expand their outreach to the various underwriter sectors. #urbroadband  

Reg. A+ update

The companies continue their outreach to the underwriters sector. #urbroadband    

Tony’s* Monday Price Sheet / Reg. A+ / Rural Broadband Companies

October 16, 2017 $1.382596/share =¬†current asking diluted share price for the¬†Reg. A+ companies. #urbroadband   *All sales by third-party sellers only. All Financial Sector Advisors, Promoters and Marketers welcome. The companies originate securities offerings, pursuant to Regulation A+, in accordance with JOBS Act amendments under the Securities Act of 1933. The Reg. A+ companies are […]

Reg. A+ update

The companies reach out to the investor/underwriters sector today. #urbroadband  

Reg. A+ update

The companies return to their campaigns to recruit members of the broker/dealer sector. #urbroadband  

Reg. A+ update

The companies continue with their outreach to the regional seller franchisees and with their vendor evaluations on crypto currency vendors. #urbroadband

Tony’s* Thursday Quick Note / Reg. A+** / rural broadband

The companies have begun project configurations that will reach to other regional areas, and yet remain within the Reg. A configuration. #urbroadband  

Happy Birthday, David Karre from the rural broadband companies.

David, as one of our founding and unwavering members, we all wish you a happy birthday today.    

Reg. A+ update

The companies begin campaigns to reach out to multi-offices, regionally, of the third-party sellers, and begin their vendor search for ICO (initial coin offering) vendors for blockchain/cryptocurrency selling. #urbroadband