Rural Broadband Company

Rural Broadband / Monday BITCOIN sales sheet / January 2, 2018

5% purchase discount at time of purchase.   Sales of $100,000.00 or more.   Discount calculated after deposit into company wallet at either or   Net cash proceeds of 5% held after coinbase issues coin, and then additional 5% of coin issued by coinbase after net proceeds.    

Tony’s Thursday Quick Note / Bitcoin for Rural Broadband / year end wrap

The rural broadband Bitcoin companies now proceed with their year end wrap up tasks. The companies will continue orientation, sales and marketing tasks on January 2, 2018. Happy New Year.  

Bitcoin for Rural Broadband / sales update

The FLR and WGR subsidiaries now proceed with marketing of their SEC-qualified Bitcoin offerings.  

Rural Broadband / Monday BITCOIN sales sheet / December 26, 2017

1 . Bitcoin Issuer: Finger Lakes Region Rural Broadband Company, Inc. Bitcoin label: flrbit1 cryptocurrency address: 128gznYy2uwLRB3VNxrVQuK7Nv5KEkp1ky Qualified to sell up to $20,000,000.00 by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.   2 . Bitcoin Issuer: Western Gateway Region Rural Broadband Company, Inc. Bitcoin label: wgrbit1 cryptocurrency address: 1PTBycAB2RjuAb9WZWhcGC5Un3UY8eYofx Qualified to sell up to $20,000,000.00 […]

Tony’s Thursday Quick Note / SEC qualifies world’s first Bitcoin-for-Reg. A+ shares sales

    December 21,2017   Now selling   BITCOIN   As payment for and as consideration for shares of stock in our two qualified Reg. A+ companies.*   $20,000,000.00 in Bitcoin available for each Reg. A+ company**   *Pursuant to a full review and qualification by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for […]

Reg. A+ / Bitcoin update

As the review process continues for the sale of shares utilizing Bitcoin as a method of consideration and payment, the SEC has directed this correcting blog: any prior blog entries which utilized the word ‘token,’ or ‘initial coin offering,’ or ‘ICO,’ are hereby withdrawn.  

Reg. A+ / ICO update

The SEC lawyers ordered some final tweaks to the ICO offering documents. These are in a final quick look review now. #urbroadband  

Reg. A+ update

Company executives had a meeting on yesterday with SEC reviewers on our Bitcoin application. We are in anticipation of approval soon. #urbroadband  

Tony’s* Thursday Quick Note / Reg. A+ / ICO / Bitcoin

At our request, the SEC is finalizing its review of our amended offering circulars for Bitcoin, for the Finger Lakes and Western Gateway subsidiaries. We should be announcing the ICO date soon. #urbroadband *All offers to third-party sellers or to the Issuer’s representative to be finalized in the state of qualification only.

Reg. A+ update / WGR bitcoin

The Western Gateway company has uploaded its amended offering circular, to include bitcoin, onto EDGAR. The receipt is here: We will be announcing the ICO commencement date for this company, soon. #urbroadband