Tony Ramos
President & Issuer's Representative

Company History

Rural Broadband Company, Inc., was founded as an independent and professional funding company for the expansion of high quality and capacity digital voice/digital data/digital graphics/digital video carrier-neutral physical infrastructure to rural America.

With the advent of government procurement funding in the  year, 2009, a smaller group of participants organized for the purposes of seeking funding for rural projects.

With a natural progression of organic growth, the company has added funding programs for securities-based offerings, donations-based crowdfunding campaigns, and investor-related programs that provide the complement of obtaining a visa for the investor.

From the outset, we have had a firm philanthropic commitment to providing broadband-related benefits to community anchor institutions that serve vulnerable populations.

With our emphasis on strictly carrier-neutral infrastructure funding, we have added components of providing orientation and educational input to lawmakers and agencies that are engaged in rulemaking.