Rural Broadband Company Founders Emeritus Members

Rural Broadband Company, Inc., is an independent professional company that, while young, will have a long and rich history of contributions to the expansion of digital readiness and voice/data/streaming video carrier-neutral infrastructure. Our company is among the first of such companies, and is the first to achieve the writing of exempt limited offering securities pursuant to recent rule changes by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which are dedicated solely to those twin goals. We are the first to register such securities with the SEC, and we lead the nation in the posting of such securities on the Internet, pursuant to those rules.

We continue to seek funding from other sources as they may become available, including from government grants and loans and other sources.

With such an important company and mission, we believe that it is our duty to honor and recognize those who have helped us and, without whom, we could not have achieved any success.

Our first members are shown below.


tom-burkeThomas A. Burke, Esquire





Rex R. HelwigRex R. Helwig






gary-horowitz-2Gary Horowitz






mike-langMichael D. Lang





Ricardo NuñezRicardo Nuñez






Michael RaimondiMichael J. Raimondi, M.A.