Tony Ramos
President & Issuer's Representative

Tony’s Monday Price Sheet /  Reg. A+* / Rural Broadband Companies

October 9, 2017

$1.382597/share = current asking diluted share price for the Reg. A+ companies.



All sales by third-party sellers only. All Financial Sector Advisors, Promoters and Marketers welcome. The companies originate securities offerings, pursuant to Regulation A+, in accordance with JOBS Act amendments under the Securities Act of 1933. The Reg. A+ companies are qualified, in addition, by the Attorney General of the State of New York. The Reg. A+ companies have an extensive outreach program for third-party sellers. In addition, pursuant to New York General Business Law, the Issuer’s representative, Mr. Ramos, occupies that role, and in addition, the role of the dealer for the Reg. A+ companies. In parallel with Reg. A+, the companies also offer securities under JOBS Act Regulation D, as amended for JOBS Act, under the Securities Act of 1933. These offerings are limited to accredited investors. Without prejudice to these offering vehicles, and without objection by the SEC, the companies seek funding from funding configurations which are more in line with traditional venture capital structural funding components. Thus, the companies may be configured to fit the investor profile in a manner which is consistent with the size of the investment. The companies, in addition, seek significant funding from government procurement sources at both the State and Federal level, for the expansion of broadband infrastructure into said areas which are designated as unserved for broadband. #urbroadband