Tony’s Thursday note



Currency                        Company*                                     Symbol                                           Wallet**




                                                                                                      FLR                                              FLRbit                            


                                                                                                     WGR                                             WGRbit                          



                                                                                                   FLR                                                  FLRbroadbandeth            

                                                                                                   WGR                                                WGRbroadbandeth           



                                                                                                  FLR                                                      FLRrip                                    


                                                                                                WGR                                                      WGRrip                                  



                                                                                               FLR                                                           FLRlite                                  



                                                                                           WGR                                                            WGRlite                                    


* FLR stands for ‘Finger Lakes Region Rural Broadband Company, Inc.’ WGR stands for ‘Western Gateway Region Rural Broadband Company, Inc.’

**All sales made in consideration for payment of shares of common/voting shares. FLR and WGR are qualified by the SEC to sell cryptocurrency in consideration for payment of common/voting shares. #urbroadband

All offerings may be viewed at All offerings are for JOBS Act securities projects for carrier-neutral white space technology infrastructure-only projects for rural America. All existing companies for offerings have a Form Regulation D, JOBS Act, registration made with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and all such offerings are made pursuant to Rule 506 JOBS Act regulations. Accredited investors only. Accreditation accomplished by Crowdentials, Inc. All offerings are made by the Issuer, Tony Ramos, and there are no brokers, dealers, agents or selling agents of any kind on the projects. All investments are made for the purposes of investment only, and there are no sales commissions related to the sale of these offerings made or charged by or to anyone. Offers are made solely for the purposes of providing investor opportunities and the Issuer, or any of the offering companies do not provide any type of advice, accounting, investing, legal, strategic or otherwise. A copy of our offering circular and Private Placement Memorandum is available to accredited investors, or to their representatives, upon request. For further information, please contact us.